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Unique, educational handmade blocks made out of Lithuanian wood, which will help to develop the following skills of the child:

motor skills and eye-hand coordination;
spatial perception;
cognitive abilities;
language and communication skills;
creativity and imagination;
social and even engineering skills.

Build towers with the kids, race to build a taller one, which, believe me, isn’t that easy! Build your buildings, teach your child to find balance. Make a "rainbow" out of it !

You can use the game with blocks as an opportunity to expand the child's vocabulary: discuss the shapes, calculate how many blocks were placed on top of each other, how many blocks have edges, edges, corners, what shape the blocks have. It is a great tool to get to know Lithuanian trees - by color, texture, smell, weight!

Draw on blocks - with pencils, paint, crayons!
These blocks will appeal not only to the youngest, who are still crawling, we promise - tested :)


Blocks can be a great educational tool in kindergartens.

We sell blocks in sets of 8, 10, 15 pieces. Contact us if you are interested in individual kits.

15 pcs. playful blocks collection

SKU: K15
  • The blocks are handmade, so each is different.
    Wood: oak, ash, birch, alder, maple.

    If necessary, for an additional price, we can personalize the blocks: engrave the name or initials, burn the name of the tree from which the block is made, so that you can discuss with the child the differences between different trees: texture, pattern, weight and even smell.

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