Handmade oak barrel for maturing and storing various liquids. The barrel is made of Lithuanian oak in accordance with ancient traditions, certified by the National Heritage. The inside of the barrel is burnt, the ends are covered with natural beeswax - this allows to improve the tightness of the barrel.


The barrels are handmade, their capacity is approximate. You will be able to use the oak barrel several times, but each time it will take longer and longer to mature the drink.


Oak barrels are made by Vitalius Striuogaitis , a master from Marijampolė with a Lithuanian National Heritage Certificate. in exhibitions not only in Lithuania but also abroad.


We produce barrels of various sizes - from 3 to a couple hundred liters. We also produce decorative barrels (examples in photos). For all questions related to tubs and barrels, please contact the master Vitaliai (phone no .: +370 687 58475).


Vitalius Striuogaitis was awarded a gold medal for the oak barrel for wine at the exhibition AgroBalt 2016 .


The AgroBalt Gold Medal is a prestigious award that is won only by the highest quality products. The name of the winner of the competition for the participants of the exhibition is the highest evaluation of their work, a guarantee of quality not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign markets.

Oak barrel (6-23 l)