Wooden handmade sandbox made of Lithuanian wood.


The sandbox is with a cover whitch will protect the sand from the rain, the wind and the garbage. The lid transforms into two benches on each side.


Box production term is 1-2 weeks.

We deliver in parts: 4 sides, 8 screws and a cover.


It is possible to pick it up (in Marijampolė). We also deliver free of charge in Marijampolė.


Negotiate delivery to other cities and other dimensions of the box individually (+370 654 82381, Povilas)


The box is unpainted, not impregnated. We can paint for an additional fee: 10 eur + paint price.

Wooden sandbox

SKU: Smeliodeze01
  • Sandbox's dimensions :


    Length and width: 130 cm


    Height: 30 cm